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Effects of Weather, Solar Activity and Lunar Activity on Paranormal Activity

To better understand how environmental conditions can affect the level of paranormal activity, it is important to understand a few basic principles. Most paranormal researchers theorize paranormal entities are a form of energy. Most researchers follow this theory and believe paranormal entities to be conscious energy without a physical body due to the fact that their presence can typically be measured using various equipment such as electromagnetic field detectors and thermal measuring devices.

Another widely accepted theory among paranormal researchers is that paranormal entities need energy. The theory concludes that paranormal entities, being composed of energy themselves, need energy to function and manifest. These entities can tap into various sources of energy including natural energy such as solar, geomagnetic, thermal, or electrical energy or manmade sources such as batteries, electromagnetic energy produced by electric current and electronic devices, etc. This is the explanation given for the common occurrence of batteries discharging unexplainably at locations reported to be haunted.

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed" - Albert Einstein

Solar Activity

The sun's rays fill our atmosphere with highly charged particles continuously. Most of the particles are blocked by our magnetic field and is filtered through the atmosphere. As the solar activity such as sun spots, solar storms, and solar flares fluctuates, it causes an influx of positively charged ions being introduced into the earth's atmosphere. This results in interruptions in the earth's geomagnetic field, essentially creating a geomagnetic storm. This can cause an increase in paranormal activity as well as other phenomena such as disruptions in cellular signal, satellite reception, radio reception, etc.

Geomagnetic Energy

The earth's magnetic field, believed to be the result of the molten metal that is present within the earth’s core, is constantly in motion and under intense heat and pressure. The by-product of the various molten metals under constant heat and pressure is the cause of the earth’s magnetic field. Various minerals and substances in the geological composition of certain areas can act as storage units and conductors for the geomagnetic energy released from this process and have a direct effect on paranormal activity. A prime example of this is the fact that reports of paranormal activity are more frequent and more intense in areas with deposits of quartz, limestone, granite, and several other minerals in their geological composition.

How Solar Activity Affects Geomagnetic Fields

Solar activity can affect the earth’s geomagnetic field as well. Most commonly occurring within 1 – 4 days after a solar flare, there will be an influx of slower moving energy which results in a geomagnetic storm. In direct correlation with the intensity of the solar activity, the variation in the geomagnetic field can be quite substantial. Solar storms also have this effect on the earth’s magnetic field but to a larger degree. Both occurrences cause rapid variations in the geomagnetic field cause by a surge of positively charged ions being introduced into the earth’s atmosphere.

Lunar Activity

The lunar cycle also has a direct effect on the earth’s geomagnetic field much like solar activity. The moon exhibits varying degrees of gravitational pull being exerted on the earth during different phases of the lunar cycle. As the moon is closest to the earth it produces a greater gravitational force upon the earth causing a higher level of disturbance within the geomagnetic field. This change in the geomagnetic field causes an influx of positively charged ions to be produced within the atmosphere. Studies have shown that the period of new moon or full moon, plus three days before and after the actual new/full moon tend to have a much higher level of paranormal activity. This increase in activity and intensity is attributing to the abundance of energy available for paranormal entities to use during these periods.

Humidity, Temperature, and Barometric Pressure

Humidity, temperature, and barometric pressure can have a direct affect on paranormal activity. Temperature and barometric pressure have both been proven to intensify the energy of charged particles in the air. Temperature reveals the average speed of air molecules. When the kinetic energy level of the air molecules is increased, the temperature will also increase. Barometric pressure is closely related as it is the result of molecules in the air colliding. The collision of the molecules in the air produces electromagnetic energy. The higher the barometric pressure, the faster and more intensely the molecules in the air collide, thereby producing more electromagnetic energy.

Humidity should be factored in as well. Humidity absorbs thermal radiation from the air and makes the air more dense and conductive of geomagnetic, thermal, and electromagnetic energy. More energy in the air means more energy available for paranormal entities to use, thereby creating a higher potential for paranormal activity.


Research has shown thunderstorms to have great potential for enhancing paranormal activity according to many studies conducted over the years. During a thunderstorm you already have several key elements in place; increased humidity, barometric pressure, and increased temperature thereby resulting in increased electromagnetic energy in the air. The increased electromagnetic energy already existing, coupled with the influx of charged molecules under heat and friction resulting in lightning, can make a significant increase in the amount of electromagnetic energy in the air. Not only is the electromagnetic energy increase, but this also causes disruptions with the geomagnetic field, especially at the moment of a lightning strike.

Simply put, thunderstorms can add a much higher level of natural energy in the environment making it the “perfect storm” for paranormal activity to be intensified.

Cold Weather

Temperature, as mentioned before, can directly affect paranormal activity. Not only in a sense of fluctuations, but in a climatic sense as well. There are many studies that suggest there is an increase in paranormal activity during the winter months. There are many theories regarding this phenomenon ranging from superstitious to scientific and all areas between. Many shamans believe the veil between our world and the spirit world is thinner during the winter months, making it easier for spirits to “walk between worlds”.

One possible scientific explanation for cold weather intensifying paranormal activity is the in which cold air is more dense and does not have the capacity to absorb and retain as much humidity as warmer. That characteristic facilitates more charged particles being in the air. This phenomena makes for a heavier presence of static electricity in the environment. This static electricity, as well as other forms of kinetic energy, can cause disturbances on electromagnetic and geomagnetic fields, thereby making more energy readily available for paranormal entities to use to manifest.


As you can see, there are many factors that can affect or even intensify paranormal activity. Given what you have just read, imagine the potential energy being at a haunted location after a strong solar flare, close to time for a full moon, and in the winter on a cold night! No, it's not quite that predictable but the outside natural influences can easily be detected when compared to typical baseline readings in most situations. What does this mean? When investigating a location get baseline environmental readings during different times and weather conditions. This practice will help you see if the environmental factors are causing a direct effect on the paranormal activity at a specific location. Keep a good investigation log that notates temperature, moon phase, barometric pressure, humidity, and current weather conditions. A good log or journal is the key to spotting patterns in paranormal activity for both the investigator and the client!

Whether you are an investigator or someone who is being affected by a haunting, keeping a log with all occurrences written down including data about environmental factors is extremely important. This log should contain what happened during the event, time, date, moon phase, temperature, and weather data (i.e. humidity, barometric pressure, and if any inclement weather is happening, moving in, or recently occurred). Another useful resource is tracking the solar weather via NASA and several other sources. There are many free websites and even mobile phone/tablet applications that make detailed weather information, lunar cycles, and solar weather forecasts readily available. Another very useful and inexpensive tool to take along on investigations or set up in a place where you are experiencing activity can be a home weather station. These units are very useful because they can track inside and outside temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed, and some units even give tell you the current conditions such as cloudy, sunny, etc.

This is meant to be a basic guide for any person that might be experiencing paranormal activity as well as a paranormal investigator who is unfamiliar with the environmental effects on hauntings. I hope you find this helpful and informative.

Written by:

Frank H. Lee,
Paranormal Researcher / Investigator / Writer,
C.A.S.P.I.R. Paranormal Team
Central Alabama Society for Paranormal Investigation & Research

October 18, 2013

Illustration of geomagnetic storms

Illustration of geomagnetic storms

Illustration of lunar gravitation pull
acting upon the earth

Earth's magnetic field

Earth's magnetic field

The EM Spectrum Illustrated

Transfer of energy during a thunderstorm

Isn't science awesome?


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